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Auto Insurance

How May We Assist You?

Why Us?

Let us help you find your next policy. We have a network of 7 carriers that dig deep down to turn over all available options?

Did You Know?

We prepare you an average of 3 quotes on each request. That way you can quote, compare and drive. How's that for shopping for insurance?


Put our rating system to work for you. We go behind the scenes and explore all your insurance options for you while you relax.


Great Question! We can cover all types of drivers and risks. Most carriers don't really take on much risk. Whether your driving record is a little rough or perfect, we have a program for you. Our auto insurance programs are designed to be very affordable so you don't break the bank. Plus, we have over 7 different car insurance companies to quote your new policy.

We understand that the insurance business is complicated. We also know the demands on your time, budget, and energy. We work to help you determine which of our nationally respected insurance carriers are a good fit for your needs so that you can be confident that you are adequately protected for your needs.


Auto Insurance Options

Liability insurance:

Provides coverage to the policyholder for medical or property damage when liable to the other party in the event of a vehicle accident.

Collision coverage:

Covers expenses for vehicle damage

Comprehensive vehicle coverage:

Insurance protection for damages due to an act of God, natural disaster, theft or fire


Personal injury protection:

Coverage of the medical expenses for you and your passenger

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Protection:

Insurance to protect you against loss when the other party is not insured


We Have a Plan for You

A great auto insurance plan involves safeguarding yourself, your passengers and your vehicle against any potential risk and liability. Discuss your concerns with us to clarify coverage options and create car auto insurance plans that are precisely tailored to drivers in Ridgeland.

Don’t wait on a decision for insurance. You may be an extremely careful driver, but that is often only one part of an accident equation. One bad driver could cause you a bad day. Talk to a Seabrook Insurance representative so that when an accident happens, you are ready.


707 Beau Pre Dr Ste G, 

Ridgeland, MS 39157

Tel: 601-487-8022

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