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The Most Expensive Film Insurance Claim Ever Is Not What You Would Think

Movie Film

The movie business wants your attention. Snippet's are shown to set the hook. You then tell a friend, "they say that movie is going to be good. Did you see the trailer?"

Usually a great movie stunt or dangerous situation sells

the movie to you. Did you know that someone insures those things in case they go wrong? You would be surprised by the largest claims ever paid out from a movie shoot.

The largest payout was when "Furious 7" was being filmed and the star Paul Walker was killed (while he was off work). This caused special effects to be used to recreate Walker in scenes, delaying both the shoot & release of the movie. The claim amounted to an estimated $50 million dollars from the film's insurer, Fireman's Fund.

That topped the previous record of $10 million when Robert Downey Jr. broke his ankle in the filming of Iron Man 3. The three week delay caused the high budget film cost to swell while waiting out the swollen ankle of the lead actor.

Many dangerous stunts have gone off without an incident over the years. Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Cruise, and the like have kept us entertained without major insurance claims.

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